• Our Salt Rooms

    Our luxurious Himalayan salt rooms are as beautiful as they are therapeutic. As soon as you step onto the lush pink salt, the soothing atmosphere will envelop you and the salty air will work its magic more with each deep, cleansing breath.

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    Breathe Easy Oasis Spa Interiors
  • Talks Cold and Flu Season

    Explains the benefits of Holistic, Natural, Drug Free, No side Effect Dry Salt Air Therapy to help prevent Colds and Flu. Testimonials from clients helping their respiratory system.

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  • Breath of Fresh Air You Need

    Dr. Alex Eignorn, 911 First Responder, explains how after using Dry Salt Air Therapy he feels a huge difference in the way he breathes and feels. Positive experience to relax with negative ions from the Pink Himalayan Salt. Children's Room, Massage, Yoga

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  • Give Your Skin a Little Love this Summer

    Positive experience to relax with negative ions from the Pink Himalayan Salt. Great for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Detoxify your lungs and skin.

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  • Tennis players benefit with more endurance and speed in their 5th set tie-breaker

    Able to breathe deeply to get more oxygen into the muscles.

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  • Detoxify Your Lungs and Skin

    Health and Wellness cable Television channel learns about Dry Salt Air Therapy.

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  • Better than the Beach

    Salt's medicinal properties kills bacteria and mold spores deep in the recesses of your lungs.

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  • The Ancient Benefits of Salt Therapy

    Salt therapy is an age-old method to improve your breathing, but that’s not the only benefit. Many people use it to improve overall health and keep the cold and flu away. Traveling to the Dead Sea may not be practical, but you can still enjoy the benefits

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  • Telemundo 47

    Nadia Torres visits Breathe Easy to learn about Halotherapy.

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  • Acceso Total

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