Salt Therapy Explained

The salt therapy offered by Breathe Easy is a completely natural remedy for numerous sinus and lung ailments, including: bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma, coughing and much more. Salt therapy, also known as halotherapy or speleotherapy, does not use any drugs and is completely non-invasive, with no side effects.

The beneficial effects of salt therapy have been known since Roman times, where it was a common natural remedy used for all sorts of ailments. The Dead Sea, for instance, has a high concentration of salt, and is well known for its healing and curative properties. The type of natural salt therapy employed today was first publicized by a Polish doctor who noticed that salt miners enjoyed particularly healthy lungs. Based on his research, he wanted to recreate the environment of a salt cave and thus produced the first salt therapy spa.

While Breathe Easy’s spa locations are not located inside an actual salt mine, we offer the next best thing by recreating the same healthy conditions in one of our relaxing salt rooms. Our state-of-the-art Halogenator emits natural salt particles into the air and throughout the room.

Salt has innate anti-bacterial properties, which work to clean your lungs and sinuses of infection, as well as bacteria. It’s been proven to be a powerful, natural remedy for allergies, sinusitis, or coughing. The longer you spend time relaxing inside our salt spa room, the more effective the treatment, of tiny salt particles that work to free up your sinuses and cleanse your lungs.

Sessions typically last for 45 minutes, and most clients notice immediate improvement. The amount of recommended sessions depends on the severity of symptoms; for instance, those with acute symptoms, like acute asthma or acute coughing are recommended daily sessions for 15 consecutive days. For those wondering how to relieve asthma symptoms naturally or how to get relief from coughing without relying on medication, halotherapy is a proven alternative. Give salt therapy a try today and breathe easy!

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